After an internship in Alaska with H2O guides and lots of shooting and competitions. I decided to put my focus on guiding. Last winter 2011 I finished my Austrian Snowboard guiding course (Snowboard Führer). So I can grow a mustache and show people what it is all about ;) . I am not a conventional guide that shows the typical places where everybody can go down symmetrical in a row. My style of guiding is about giving your own input and stimulating a learning process. It is about predicting avalanches, safety awareness and most of all FUN.

I have been discovering and riding the Arlberg area intensively for 6 winters in a row with lots of freeride buddies from all over the world. From long hikes to short and intensive insane powder runs we did it all. And we are still discovering new stuff with the Gnarlberg Steinbocks.

When the conditions are safe we can explore new areas, sleep overnight in mountain huts for an insane experience that usually not a lot snowboarders and skiers don’t get to see. When there is a powder alarm, we will ride the powder runs that are shorter and deeper. Freeriding is about adapting to the mountains, the weather, the group and your tools.

Weather you would like to get into big mountain riding or to improve your freeride skills it is all possible with Bas Elhorst. I can provide useful information for booking exotic trips to exotic snowboarding locations.

The tools I work with are my boots, poles, snowshoes and splitboards. If you want to get far out into the backcountry, you will need those tools. That is no problem, because I can organize anything you need, from BCA airbags to splitboards.

The standard equipment I ride with is a beacon, shuffle, probe and a backpack. Please send me an email, or give me a call for questions, prices and bookings. 


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Austrian Staatlich geprüfte snowboardlehrer
Austrian Staatlich geprüfte snowboardführer