Chilly days at the hut

Our arrival at the hut
On Saturday the first of January, I made a phone call with Chris to make up a snowboard trip. We decided to go the Darmstädter hütte in the Arlberg for a couple days with another guy named Lukas. The next day we made out at 12 a clock at the parking lot at the Arlrock to divide the Food that Chris got from the last grocery store that had open on Sunday. It was the super expensive cheese and sausage pack from Lech, but it didn’t matter at all, because we had food to spend a couple of days in temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius. Food was the only thing that could have stopped us from making this trip.

The backpack was at least 20 kilos heavy and we had to snowboard down from the Rifl 1 lift at the Rocky Rendl into the Rossfall. I was glad I was riding my 168 split for a bit of extra float that I needed for the weight on my back. The visibility wasn’t really good, but was enough to lead the way to the hut. After the lake we got whited out, that all didn’t make it much easier, but after a total of a three hour hike we found the Hut. We had to dig out the door of the winterraum to get inside the cozy but dark survival room.

We have an enormous respect for Lukas, he took up the last gondola at 4 a clock with his camera equipment and his snowshoes, because he got stocked in a traffic jam in Vorarlberg, he is one of the most dedicated guys I know. He had to follow our track in the dark all alone just with his headlamp. But at 8 pm he found the hut and we had a good pasta and drank some wine that we brought.

Lukas the brave man and me after a nice run

A look at the face from a camera point of view

The next day we hiked up an area between Scheibler and Faselfadspitz where Chris and me had 3 runs, because the rest of the area didn’t allow us to ride it because of the shades. After that we had to quit because it got to cold for Lukie to keep on filming. It made it necessary for us to get back in the dark hole without any lights. Where we could get warm with hot tea and coffee.

Top view into this beatiful spine run

The third day was a long day with long hikes. First we hiked to Scheibler mountain, then we rode down the glacier of the faselfadferner. We found a super good and long run towards the Konstanzer Hütte. During this run we had one of the best views over the Patriol Mountain you could wish. We have seen mountain goats everywhere that day. The outrun at the Verwall tall thought us how to ski the Splitboard, that was a super hardcore leaning back like a child on ski’s run. At about 4 a clock we arrived back in fur jackets and something they call civilization.

Patriol Mountain

The video update will follow soon.

Update: For some more pictures, check out this link