Old year’s sunshine 2013

On old year’s day Timo and I have been riding some of the more exquisite lines that are very accessible around the St. Anton area. We did the Fingershoots, Gampberg rinne and Valuga West.

The avalanche danger has dropped a bit, it was level 2 above 1800 and 1 below. We felt good about the lines we did, I hit an icy layer of snow in the Gampbergrinne underneath 20cm of powder. The fingershoot was in better condition, but we hat to slalom the rocks.

Valuga west was terrible and super sharky, but the little hike was very encouraging in knee deep powder. The east facing slopes have much finer conditions at the moment, because of the hard west winds. Like for example the fingershoots.

We  still hit countless rocks when riding in these conditions. The toll you pay is one board a day, but then you won’t be sitting at home or ride the mass-tourism slopes. I have never seen so many overloaded slopes here.

I want to wish you great powderdays and lots of fun in 2014 and I want to thank all off my riding buddies, guests, friends, parents and sponsors for the support in 2013.