Every action has a consequence

Last Friday afternoon we had a powder day like we didn’t have for an extended period of the time, the snow felt bottomless and there was a good vibe among the friends I was with that day. Sacha, Juan and I were riding the Lech area that day for the reason that it had way more snow then the other parts of the Arlberg. The whole day we took it easy, but then I got too much fired-up. As you all might know, there wasn’t that much snow yet.

As I tried to send it over a windlip, Juan told me wisely that overshooting (land way ahead of the landing) was my friend. After my first cliff-drop I made a turn too many and send the jump too much in the fall line.  During my flight I already knew this was the stupidest mistake I made in a long time. Maybe you know this feeling were 1 second feels like a minute, this is what happened as I saw a rock-garden with two huge triangle rocks and I had to land in the middle of them. My board hit this rocks very hard, however I could land after that with my body in the snow. Luckily I had so much adrenaline that I could ride out of the Stierloch valley to Zug.

I went to doctor and I got an emery scan, he told me I broke my ankle with a clean fracture. I have a good feeling that this injury will heal very quickly. Within 2 weeks I think the cast wil get off and I can get some exercise again.