Russian style ascent Piz Palu

After having a few drinks this week we decided to hike the Piz Palü with a bunch of freaks. The Piz Palü is located in the Swiss Alps and is part of Bernina massive and has 3905 m of altitude. We slept in the van and took the first gondel up in Diavolezza. What an awesome area by the way.

At somewhat 9:15, we started skinning up on the splitboards and Bianca was on the snowshoes, which is a perfect instrument if you want to see the inside of the beautiful crevasses that the Piz Palü has to offer. Lessons learned; if you hike up in glacial terrain with snowshoes, you will find the crevasses much better.

At the base of the peak we made a snowboard-depot and hiked up the last meters on a beautiful Ridge. Then it takes only 20 minutes to go up completely to the top. The ride down had some splendid scenery, but wasn’t very spectacular by any snowboarding means.

My ankle is healing up really well, but the hiking still goes much better then riding. Therefore I will keep on touring the next few days and go to Zinal next week for a photoshoot.