Freshies on the Satteinser Alpe

Last friday and saturday we received about 30-40cm of powder on the good side of the Arlberg. We have been riding and splitboarding with the Steinbocks up the Maroy into the Krachel (aka superbowl) and hiked up to the west. We found some very good snow on top of a harder layer. At the top it was still a bit sharky but especially at around 2000m de snow was blower powder. After that came the survival through the Alders, which was kind of fun as well.

We ended the day hiking up Armeisenspitze, but we had to choose our line very carefully because we didn’t completely thrusted the snowpack. All in all it were some great days.

Eike from snowbrains was riding high and dry on the spines.

Narnia at its best

Timo also enjoyed dreamland.

Chris aka the enjoyer always finds good snow

The end of the day after a hike to the Armeisen spitze, we had to choose our line very well, because of the avalanche danger.